We are busy working on a framework of thought, social network, and data platform to push humanity towards cohesion.

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Manumit the Mind

Manumit the Mind presents a framework of thought, imminent social network and backing data platform to aid in accelerating the progression of humanity towards its cohesive future.

Our framework of thought enables the liberation of individual human expression through the elimination of perspective constraining pronouns, the viewing of interpersonal expressions of feelings through a data science and scientific lense, and by providing tools and services that preserve the integrity of the individual's freedom of expression while maintaining the perspective conveyed by the framework of thought.

Let us take a moment to clear the mind, catch the breath, and open ourselves up to interpret the experiential feelings the billions of cells that comprise our instrument are indicating to us.

We are now free to consider the words we might choose to express the interpretation of those feelings that describe the data points contained within the ever-evolving present moment with clarity of mind.

Think back to all the moments that led up to now.

Evaluate how we felt about any given situation or topic that our concerted attention and experience turned its focus towards. Express those feelings of those data points constituting that location in space-time and consider all the contributing interpretations of prior moments that fueled that expression.

That expression through time is an ever-evolving mindset constituted by all of the factors, experiences, and impressions that preceded the ever-evolving current slice of experience. We can consider this our own personal evolving data model.

The aggregation of these feelings and knowledge over time is an expression of a completely valid perspective and interpretation of the data points described within every moment.

This personal data model is used by our instrument to determine a prediction used to determine whether any given moment will be a positive or negative experience for our organism.

Principle of Ubiquitous Validity: If we consider our own personal data model to be valid we must consider each other person's personal data model to be valid.

We may not always interpret the data in the most unbiased and most complete way, but at that moment with the available data points provided we make our best efforts.

We must always be accepting of new information and new data points for it may change our interpretation and perspective completely.

Amenability is key, as we can never hold all information and all perspectives at every moment.

The singular 'I' that we experience is actually the multitudes of cells working together to allow us to experience the world as a perceivably singular entity.

  • I becomes we
  • Me becomes us
  • My becomes ours

With this altered perspective of ourselves, other people take on a whole new form.

Using 'we' or 'us' to describe oneself and another person now seems a more appropriate way to express a local collective.

If we unite our efforts towards the common goal mutual understanding we reduce the space for a conversation to devolve into an argument for there is no individual to prevail as the victor.

By allowing the collective whole of humanity to interpret and feel net positive or net negative about any given topic so long as we formulate an understanding of the data that supports those feelings we can push towards a more


Manumit the Mind

Manumit the Mind is a social movement to adjust the perspective of humanity from focusing on the individual to the collective, for each individual is itself a collective.

Thought Framework A shift in perspective from the individual to the collective.
Social Network Social network focused on ensuring that individual's freedom of expression keeps the collective in perspective.
Data Platform Data platform to derive meaning from the collective expression to move humanity forward.

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