Munchkin Master Infringement Claim

Munchkin Master has been hit with an infringement complaint by Steven Jackson Games over the use of the word Munchkin.

I will have to remove the application from the marketplace, but will be resubmitting it under the name Character Master. I apologize to all those who downloaded Munchkin Master, and at this point I am unsure if you will have to download Character Master or if I will be able to just update Munchkin Master with the new bits as an update.

To those other apps who use the name Munchkin take my case as a warning and update your application before you too are hit with an infringement notice.

I looked up the trademark claim under the United States Patent and Trademark Office hoping that I would be able to dispute their claim. They have two claims the listings can be found here and here.

The listing filed under Interactive multimedia computer game programs is the one that I am infringeing upon. Since my application is not a computer game program I could dispute the claim, but it wouldn’t matter in the end.

While trademark law’s ‘goods and services’ stipulation allows companies to use the same trademark in different industries my application is arguably related to interactive multimedia computer game programs, and therefore may confuse consumers as to the source. At least that’s how I interpret standing trademark law.

It sucks, but hopefully my solution will please all parties.

WP7 Connectivity Issues

I own a Nokia Lumia 900 since launch in the United States on AT&T. 4G LTE had not been activated in my area for the first 4 months that I owned the phone, and has just recently come online.

I have noticed connectivity problems that are only present when my cellular data connection and Wi-Fi radios are both connected. It’s almost as though the phone gets confused and doesn’t know which radio to use for data so it just doesn’t work.

Apps like theChive, Meme Viewer, Break, App Rating, Weave, and many others suffer because of this problem making users think it is an issue with the app when it is actually a problem with the way the phone is handling the connection.

I am unsure if this problem also plagues other phone models, or if it is a problem only present in the Nokia Lumia 900. I am also unsure of whether it is a problem with the 4G LTE radio only and isn’t present with the normal 4G as I have no way to scientifically test my hypothesis.

One thing I am sure of is that in order to correct the issue I have to turn one of the radios off.

I use the ConnectivityShortcuts app by Oliver Ulm to pin the cellular and Wi-Fi settings to my start screen so that when the apps cease to function I can turn off the cellular radio while I’m on Wi-Fi and vice-versa.

If anyone else is experiencing connectivity issues on their WP7 I would love to hear about it. Please, leave a comment below, or feel free to e-mail me.

Munchkin Master

Munchkin Master released to the marketplace!

Munchkin is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Munchkin is great fun and sometimes players get into situations where a pen and pad is necessary to keep track of all of the crazy cards being played on them. Tired of not having a good way to keep track of combat I looked in the Windows Phone marketplace for a good solution and found a small handful of apps. I downloaded a couple and found them adequate, but didn’t like them enough to want to use them every game. That night I took to developing a Munchkin manager of my own.

Check out the full details for Munchkin Master here.